Ways to Respectfully Place Place Pet Ashes in an Urn

There are so many wonderful and fascinating urns and keepsakes for your beloved pet’s ashes that it can be overwhelming. Here, we will provide a few tips on how to memorialize your pet.

Pet Ashes and Urns

Choose the Right Urn

Figuring out how you plan to pay tribute to your precious pet, such as where the urn will be placed, is very important. This will affect the size, material, craftsmanship, and design of your urn. Remember, most urns are specific to a certain weight, so make sure you know how much your pet weighs. This emotional journey will allow you to express your grief, remember your loved one, and find a measure of closure.

Select the Perfect Urn Closure for Pet Ashes

Selecting an urn that memorializes your pet’s spirit can offer comfort in moments of grief. An urn’s closure may seem simple, but it can play a significant role in choosing an urn for pet ashes. Urns offer various closure mechanisms. Many ceramic urns have a top made to close by twisting the lid into place. Wooden urns have a movable panel that allows ashes to be placed within them and held by screws. Some metal urns are made with lids that screw into the bottom or top. Take a moment to figure out what these various elements represent to you and your pet so you can choose the one that holds symbolic significance.

Personalize the Urn with Engravings

Many pet cremation urns can be personalized, so choosing something meaningful and unique can help you better process and deal with your emotions. Here are some ideas for memorializing your beloved pet and creating a personal memento:

Gizmo maple Pet Urn

  • Picture laser engraving of your pet
  • 3D artisan portrait on urns
  • Your pet’s name with date of birth and date of passing
  • Personalized text/poem/verse or a special message
  • Breed-specific customization
  • Create the Right Environment

An urn, not just a final resting place, is a beacon of remembrance and respect that will hold a cherished place in many hearts. The urn’s location is a deeply personal decision and should be placed where you will think of them every time you walk by. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to memorialize your pet. Consider these memorial ideas to enhance the area that surrounds the urn:

  • Photos of your pet
  • Twinkle lights or candles
  • Hair /feather clipping keepsakes
  • Their favorite toys or clothing
  • Leash, collar, or tag
  • Ink print of their paw

Respectfully Transfer the Pet Ashes

In remembrance of a pet. Pet urn beside a flower bouquet.

Although placing the cremation ashes into the urn may seem straightforward, we realize it is not an everyday task most families are accustomed to.

Choose a flat surface void of air disturbance and gather any necessary tools for the urn. Remove the plastic bag from the original/temporary box and make sure it is sealed tightly. At this point, the pet ashes can be left in the bag, placed inside the new urn, and gently pressed to spread the bag of ashes evenly inside.

Another option is to discard the plastic bag and pour the ashes directly into your new urn. Cut a diagonal hole at one corner of the bag, and using a funnel, slowly pour the remains through the funnel and into the urn.

Once you have transferred the ashes, place the lid on the urn and secure it tightly. If you wish to seal the urn permanently, sealant or glue can be used on the lid.

Tip: If there is additional space left in the urn, a special item, such as a picture, hair clipping, piece of a toy, or anything meaningful, could be placed there.

Purchase Pet Memorabilia at Tranquil Tides

We can assist you in making a pet memorial with our custom-engraved urns, specialty urns and vases, and keepsakes. Contact us today to discuss our memorabilia.

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