About Tranquil Tides

Our passion runs deep! Our whole lives have been surrounded by animals whether being on the farm or having fur babies as members of our family. Our house is always full (and entertaining). We are JD and Caroline, and we are proud to offer the first pet Aquamation service in this area. We have spent almost 30 years in a professional field taking care of pets, making sure they were safe and looked after. We first opened Caroline’s Pet Parlor and then Caroline’s Pampered Pet Motel and now we are in our final chapter of our lives.

We thought we were ready to retire, hang out with all our nine fur faces, and slow down. It just was not meant to be. The idea of Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation formed, and we never looked back. We have a way to give back to Mother Nature, our planet, and our community. We have been dedicated to helping others with their loved ones, and we would feel honored to assist you in remembering that special bond you had with your loved one.

Tranquil Tides offers individual and communal services. Individual Aquamation means your pet will have a private chamber, and only their remains will be returned to you. The ashes are safe to spread or bury in a special place. Our process leaves you with many options to keep your loved one near. Communal Aquamation means your pet will be in the same compartment as other pets, and you will not receive any remains. Communal remains will be spread in a private garden. Whether individual or communal, once your pet comes into our care, an I.D. Tag is kept with them through the whole process. We’re here to help you explore your options before and after Aqua-mation.

Tranquil Tides is here to assist you in your time of loss, whether your precious companion is furry, scaley, feathered, or swimmy. If your pet passes away at home during regular business hours, lie them wrapped in a blanket in a cool area and give us a call. We are available to pick up your loved one at your home. Or, we are open by appointment for you to drop off your beloved pet. If your pet is at the vet, contact us so we can discuss your options and let your veterinary clinic know that you would like to use our services. Our Pet Aquamation Authorization and Release Form will need to be submitted to us for all veterinary clinic pick-ups. A printable copy should be given to your vet. A stretcher for transport is provided if needed.

If your pet passes outside normal business hours, there is little risk to keeping the body for up to 24 hours wrapped in a blanket in a cool, dry place with something absorbent underneath them.

As a tribute to police K-9 or military dogs, your loved ones are complementary for the service they provide to our community and nation.