Products to Commemorate your Beloved Friend

We offer a small variety of high-quality urns, clippings, certificates, and photo memorabilia. We are also happy to utilize any appropriate urn you supply. To inquire about pricing and upgraded products, please contact us at 417-830-4794.

Silhouette Package

Silhouette Urn Package maple

Silhouette Package

Marshall Maple Pet Urn

Silhouette Urn

Individual aquamation packages include:

  • Complementary wooden urn with custom picture engraving
  • Fur clipping or feather clipping keepsake
  • Certificate of Aquamation
  • Ink paw/feather/fin/tail print keepsake

Our beautiful standard urn is made in the USA and sourced from maple, a highly sustainable hardwood. This package will include an engraving of your beloved pet along with their name and dates.

If you would like to provide your own urn, you are welcome to do so. We are happy to transfer the ashes for you. Pawpals Paw Print Keepsake can be added to any package for an additional fee.

Once your loved one comes into our care, our artists can capture an imprint of your pet’s paw, claws, or hoof. For your tiniest loved ones, including fish and reptiles, we can capture an imprint of the fin or tail. Many families also like to have a hair or feather clipping.

Call us for Aquamation pricing and to discuss how we can assist you in your time of need.

Devotion Urn Package Acacia

Devotion Package

Our Devotion Package is sourced from Acacia wood and will include name and date only. Includes Certificate of Aquamation. Keepsakes are sold separately.

Upgraded Products

Remembrance Urn Package

Remembrance Photo Package

We offer an upgraded urn that includes photos of your loved one. Vertical or Horizontal image layout needs to be selected at the time of order. Includes engraving of their name and dates, along with fur/feather clipping keepsake, ink paw/feather/fin/tail print keepsake, and Certificate of Aquamation.

Pet Ashes and Urns

Heartfelt Package

We have a variety of urn options to match your or your beloved pet’s style. Urn upgrades are available upon request. Choose from any of the pictured urns. Includes fur/feather clipping keepsake, ink paw/feather/fin/tail print keepsake, and Certificate of Aquamation.