What is Aquamation?

Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, or Aqua Cremation, the process is the most gentle way to return your beloved pet to the earth. Imagine honoring your beloved pet family member in a gentle, environmentally safe way. Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation offers an alternative to flame cremation. Water, not Fire.

Tranquil Tides is here to help you make that difficult decision to say farewell with a water-based cremation approach. By entrusting us with your loved one, we will ensure your pet is treated with respect and dignity during this final part of their journey. We will also ensure that it is your beloved pet’s ashes that are returned to you. Guaranteed!

Pet Cremation

  • Destructive, intense heat

  • Releases harmful emissions
  • Removal of medical devices
  • Fewer ashes returned
  • Transfer from other remains
  • High carbon footprint

Pet Aquamation

  • Flameless and gentle

  • Zero emissions

  • 90% less energy used

  • 20% more ashes returned

  • 1/10th the carbon footprint

  • Ashes are clean and pollutant free

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