How to Cope with Pet Loss

No one person will experience grief the same when coping with a dying pet. It is finding the best way for you to deal with that pet loss that matters.

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Coping Strategies for Grieving Pet Loss

It’s okay to cry. Those tears are a part of that anguish. Let your body react the way it needs to, invite the grief in, and then let what comes naturally happen. By acknowledging your grief and giving yourself permission to express the pain of your pet loss, you are taking the first step in healing. Support from others will help too. Don’t be afraid to speak to family and friends about your grief over losing your beloved pet. Opening up and talking about your feelings and your pet can really help. There is no time limit on grief. Some days will be harder than others as you have dates or places that remind you of that special bond you shared. Whether it’s a birthday, gotcha day, holiday, or special event, when you are ready, you can continue those traditions as a way to celebrate that unconditional love.

Get a Commemorative Item

In remembrance of a pet. Decorative urn , next to a photograph of the pet.

There are many types of pet memorial gifts that can help honor the memory of a pet loss. Saying farewell with an item that means something to you will create yet another positive memory and assist you in finding solace. Here at Tranquil Tides, we can custom engrave a picture of your beloved companion on an urn, along with name and dates. There are also other types of urns available to remember your pet. Choose what will be significant to you. Other options could be personalized jewelry, photo keepsakes, memory boxes, pet statues, or pet memorial trees, among many more.

Helping Children Overcome the Loss of a Pet

The concept of pet loss and death can be confusing for a child. Don’t underestimate their feelings. Children may grieve for a shorter time but it is no less intense. Encourage the child to talk about their pet and express their emotions. They may feel they have lost their best friend, an important member of their family, and they may have feelings of disbelief, pain, sadness, numbness, or denial. Provide them with plenty of hugs and reassurance and talk with them freely about death, dying, and grief. The age of the child and how those around them deal with the pet loss may lay the foundation for how they cope with losses in later years.

Should I Get Another Pet?

Broken with grief female dog grieving owner holding the lovely pet collar and deep weeping about animal loss. Home pets relatives and love concept.

The decision to get another pet is a very personal one. And one that is not the same for each family. There is no right or wrong answer when dealing with grief. You will know when the time is right to introduce a new pet to your family. While another pet can give you a new sense of direction and companionship, you might feel guilty. Remember, your cherished pet will always have a place in your heart, one that you will never forget. Providing another pet with a home can bring joy and laughter for all. Every pet has their own personality and nothing can replace the bond of your past beloved pet.

Find Compassionate Service with Tranquil Tides

Throughout our lives, we experience many major life changes. These can include the loss of beloved friends and family and even pet loss. Try not to replay your last moments with your pet. You have their lifetime of memories to choose from. Find those memories that make you smile and relive those. Should you have a need to schedule an appointment with Tranquil Tides, we would love to hear some of those stories.

For additional reading on this somber subject, please see our Grief Resources.

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