No one can replace the love you shared with your beloved pet! Or, there couldn’t possibly be another perfect personality like your late pet that matched yours! Or, could there be? Knowing when to face the question of getting a new pet is challenging. In this post, Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation will provide you with some tips.

Grieving the Loss of an Old Pet

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There is no time limit on grief. It’s OK to shed tears of anguish and let yourself express the pain of losing your dearest friend. This is natural and to be expected. It is all part of healing. Opening up to your friends and family can be a great way to overcome feelings of sadness and loneliness. There might even be some anger or relief, which is perfectly acceptable, especially if you have had to see your pet in pain or suffering. You need to give yourself enough time to process all those emotions and be ready to move to the next step. Remember, everyone heals differently.


Signs It’s Time for a New Pet

For many pet parents, the thought of getting a new pet after a loss can be daunting. There will come a day when your tears have dried and your heart begins to mend. And, then you begin to open yourself up to the possibility of adopting a new pet. However, don’t rush the healing process which is essential to truly overcoming the hurt. When you can actually think about your previous pet and remember them without feelings of intense sadness or pain, you may be ready to open your heart and welcome a new pet into your family.


Consider Your Future Goals

Before you commit to bringing a new pet home, evaluate your family lifestyle, job, and other life commitments. Are there future plans for vacations, job changes, away-from-home activities, or even moving to a place where pets are not allowed? All these possibilities will effect the outcome to ensure you have the time and capability to care for another pet properly. Additionally, consider your financial situation. A pet’s care and well-being can be costly beyond the normal food and comfort, especially as they age and have extra medical needs.


Think About the Potential Responsibilities

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A new family pet will need to be trained and acclimated to your household routines. It will take time to show and develop new habits that fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re adopting a senior pet or a young puppy, there will be hiccups in the beginning that will need to be worked through. These furry pals need exercise and space to play and explore alongside consistent and habit-forming routines. You’ll need to ensure you have the time to focus your attention on them and provide them with the stability to build a relationship.


Consider the Type of Pet Best Suited to Your Family

When you’re ready for another pet to provide unconditional love and companionship, make sure you research the best fit for your family. Many shelters are filled with unwise decisions! Adopting another pet is a big step, so make certain the breed, size, sex, and temperament are appropriate for your lifestyle. This might be a good time to get all family members involved in the decision process and make sure they understand that it is a long-term commitment. Also, take into consideration how other pets in your household will adapt.


How Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation Can Help

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While we can’t help you adopt another companion, our pet aquamation service can assist you in finding a sense of closure and starting the journey toward healing. When you’re ready to welcome another furry friend, do so for the right reasons. A new companion might fill a void, but make sure you have the love, dedication, and space in your heart and home to make it the adventure of a lifetime.

Our site also includes a series of grief resources that can be helpful in your journey through this trying time.