How Long Does Aquamation Take?

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We are all faced with the decision of end-of-life care for ourselves. The same goes for our precious pets in our families. Tranquil Tides offers a pet aquamation service for families. This water-based cremation is an eco-friendly alternative to fire cremation, but it can take a bit longer due to the gentle mimicking of Mother Nature.

Why Aquamation Takes Several Hours

Understanding how our pet aquamation process operates can give you peace of mind in honoring your beloved family member. Through our technology, water is utilized instead of fire to restore a pet’s body to its natural state in nature.

The pet aquamation vessel is made of stainless steel and can be divided into individual chambers. After each pet is respectfully placed into the aquamation chamber, the vessel fills with warm water and alkali and will gently circulate for 18-20 hours. Because the salt-based water/alkali solution is heated to only 204 degrees F, not boiling, the process takes longer than flame cremation, which uses heat of 1400-2000 degrees F. Our pet aquamation slowly speeds up the natural process rather than relying on fire to consume the remains.

Once the pet aquamation system is finished, all organic material is reduced to its most basic building blocks, leaving a sterile water solution and mineral bone remaining. After a drying period, which could take up to 24-48 hours, your pet’s ashes will be returned to you and placed in an urn. Tranquil Tides can assist you with our pet aquamation service to honor your family member with a dignified and gentle goodbye for a life of unconditional love.

How Long Does Fire-Based Cremation Last?

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Many families choose cremation to preserve their beloved pet’s remains. Understanding the differences between traditional fire-based cremation and water-based cremation will guide you in making that heartfelt decision. With fire cremation, the pet’s remains are incinerated using high heat, around 1400-2000 degrees F. Depending on the size and weight of your pet, this can take 2-3 hours. Although it is faster, flame cremation requires an excessive level of heat and uses a lot of energy. It also emits harmful greenhouse gases, and some of the bone is destroyed and expelled into the atmosphere through incineration. In comparison, our pet aquamation gives 20%-30% more ashes back while preserving the impact on the environment.

How Long After Aquamation Can Pet Ashes Be Received?

At Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation, we understand having your cherished pet returned to you will help you in finding some closure. We work towards a quick turnaround and will call you when your family member is ready to come home. We strive for 7-10 days, if not sooner.

Can I Pre-Plan for Pet Aquamation?

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Knowing that someday there will have to be end-of-life arrangements, Tranquil Tides Pet Aquamation can help you prepare for that. We have a simple form on our website that can be completed to get your wishes on file with your veterinarian. This form can also be electronically sent to us. Having a plan will help you free up time so you can focus all your love and attention on your pet.

We are always here to support you whether your pet passes on planned or suddenly. Our goal is to take some of that stress away and make it less overwhelming. Give us a call so we can walk you through the pet aquamation process and assist you in choosing the right pet memorabilia.

Contact Tranquil Tides with any questions or service needs you may have. Join the many pet parents who have chosen pet aquamation as a way to pay tribute to their pet’s memory.