Is Water Cremation Eco-Friendly?

Deciding on the aftercare of your beloved pet while dealing with grief is not an easy decision.  Understanding the benefits of Aquamation, or water cremation, will guide you in making that heartfelt decision. Simply said, water cremation for pets is eco-friendly and offers several positive environmental impacts over flame-based cremation.

Aquamation vs Cremation

Most people associate cremation with fire. However, water cremation, or Aquamation, is becoming more popular as we pay more attention to our daily life choices.  Because traditional cremation requires an excessive level of heat, it uses a lot of energy. As it releases toxic chemicals into the air during the burning, some of the body’s ashes are lost. With water cremation, there is no loss. One major benefit is that it preserves 20% more of your pet’s remains that you can fondly display in an urn or scatter in one of your favorite spots.

The Science Behind Aquamation

Tranquil Tides’ eco-friendly aquamation approach provides a green burial option that is natural. As we die, our bodies naturally undergo a decomposition process through alkaline hydrolysis that takes about 25 years. Aquamation speeds up the natural process rather than relying on fire to consume the remains. Our team will gently place your pet’s body into the aquamation chamber that fills with warm water and alkali and will gently circulate for 20 hours. The high pressurization prevents the water from boiling, though. Then, the bone remains are turned into ash after a drying period and returned to the family.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Now more than ever, we need to manage everyday decisions and actions to see how they affect the environment, and that includes end-of-life choices. This is why eco-friendly options like water cremation for your pet are good choices. There are no fossil fuels being burned. There are no smokestacks.

Lower Energy Consumption

Water cremation is eco-friendly. Aquamation has greater than 90% energy savings compared to flame-based cremation because it runs on electricity and mimics the natural bio-degradation process. This process is energy-efficient and produces no toxins.

Flame vs Water: Carbon Comparison

The quality of the air we breathe is extremely important, and you can help correct the negative impact of cremation by considering water cremation for your pet. Pet aquamation creates no emissions into the atmosphere resulting in 1/10th of the carbon footprint. While traditional cremation generates 534 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere along with other harmful chemicals.

Water Conservation

Aquamation makes highly efficient use of water. It is the equivalent of two to three pet baths. This includes all the water used for the process and clean water rinse. The result of water cremation is that 99% of the water will be recycled for more eco-friendly uses.

Alternative Eco-Friendly Burial Methods

In addition to aquamation, there are other eco-friendly alternatives for pet burial.

  • Sea burial
  • Green burial
  • Mushroom burial suit
  • Recomposition

Chemical Use and Environmental Impact

Using a salt-based chemical, alkali, the body will be broken down into amino acids, sugars, salts, and bone remains. The nutrient-rich and safe solution can be returned to the ecosystem via a wastewater treatment facility or be used as a natural fertilizer. Water cremation embraces the natural cycle of life, returning organic matter to our planet. Contact us today at 417-830-4794 to discuss a meaningful and conscious aftercare solution for your beloved companion.

Turning the Tide on Aquamation

Public perception of aquamation is changing as more pet owners are becoming aware of this compassionate eco-friendly approach. Once you know the difference between water and fire cremation, you can make the right choice for your family. Tranquil Tides will gladly answer any questions, explain the process to you, and help you with your grief.

Addressing Myths, Misconceptions and Concerns

Essentially, the decision of pet aftercare extends beyond our grief to the impact on the environment.

Don’t worry! Water cremation still allows you to have a proper farewell, a funeral, and more.

Myth: Water cremation is not legal:
Truth: It is legal for pets in all 50 states.

Myth: Does this process boil or use acid?
Truth: No. A water cremation uses alkali, which is also referred to as lye, which is the chemical opposite of acid.

Myth: Are the powdered ashes safe to handle?
Truth: Yes, they are 100% safe, pathogen and disease-free.

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