How to Memorialize Your Pet

Whether you choose aquamation or cremation, there are many wonderful ways to memorialize your beloved pet.

here lies the body of Gypsy the cat

Host a Memorial Service

A memorial service is not just for people anymore. Many pet parents want to say farewell with a final touching tribute and share this moment with friends and family. This special occasion could be at your home, your favorite hiking spot, a dog park, a swimming hole, or even at your favorite ice cream stand.

Wherever you decide to memorialize your pet, let your pet’s memory come to life with stories and their dearest toys and possessions.

Custom Art and Jewelry

To help with the loss of a loved one, custom art and jewelry can represent the beauty of the love you shared. From hand-sculpted charms and pendants to bracelets and rings, there is a wide array to help remind you of your furry pal. Pet memorial jewelry is a perfect choice to keep your pet’s memory close to you at all times.

Create an Outdoor Shrine

If your pet was the outdoorsy type, designating a special spot in your yard to memorialize your pet might be fitting. A garden stone personalized with their name, quote, or photo might be the most appropriate way to honor their memory. Along beside a garden stone, you can plant a tree or flower, add their keepsakes, and bury/scatter their ashes. Make this pet memorial spot meaningful so you’ll think of them every time you walk by.

Capture Their Paw Print

Dog steps and footprints on earth

Make an everlasting paw print using an ink pad or impression kit. This print can be used as a reference for a tattoo or artistic drawing that can be used in your pet’s memorial. You can frame your loved one’s paw print and have it on display. Here at Tranquil Tides, we offer an ink paw print and Pawpals Paw Print Keepsake.

Memory Boxes

Creating a memory box of your cherished pet’s favorite things, from toys and photos to ID tags and collars, to display in your home is a popular way to memorialize the love you shared. Studies have shown that those who created a keepsake box experienced less distress over losing a pet and had a more positive outlook on life. In other words, keeping them with you in spirit can help ease your pain.

Donate to Other Animals in Need

Animal shelters and rescues are a wonderful way to honor your pet’s memory by donating your time or money for other animals in need. This can have a life-saving impact and help you fill your own emotional needs. If your pet was a rescue, try giving back to that organization. And, who knows, another fur baby could capture your interest, and you can adopt another in the name and memory of your beloved pet.

For a list of great places to donate, please view this list.

Purchase Pet Memorabilia at Tranquil Tides in Nixa, Missouri

Silhouette Urn Package maple

Pet Aquamation is an environmentally friendly, gentle, and natural alternative to flame cremation. We also offer custom picture engraving on urns and other keepsakes. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you memorialize your pet, contact us today.

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